Elizabeth Anne Schwartz

Elizabeth Anne Schwartz, born on Friday the 13th, writes sapphic stories and dark, enchanting tales. She earned her BA in Creative Writing at Purchase College. Follow her on Instagram/Threads @elizanneschwa


Haunted Words Press: We Will Not Stay Buried (June 2023)
“Human Women”
Erato Magazine: Hunger (June 2023)
“If Coming Out Were a Fairy Tale”
The Lovers Literary Journal: Second Chances (April 2023)
“Lesbian Bed Death”
Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal: Consume (March 2023)


Nine Stages of Coming Out
Tiny Wren Lit: Chapbook (TBD)
“Threatened Animals”
Black Spot Books: Under Her Eye - Women in Horror Poetry Collection (November 2023)
“Angel of Divine Fortune”
Sage Cigarettes Magazine: Pride (June 2023)
“In Response”
The Late Bloomers Clvb Zine: Blooming (December 2022)


“The Horror (and Triumph) of Coming Out”
Frightful: Guest Post (June 2023)