Elizabeth Anne Schwartz

Elizabeth Anne Schwartz (she/her) writes sapphic fiction and poetry, and loves all things dark, lyrical, and confessional. She earned her BA in Creative Writing at Purchase College. Follow her on Instagram/Threads @elizanneschwa


“An Offering”
Moonday Mag: Anniversary Issue (January 2025)
Haunted Words Press: We Will Not Stay Buried (June 2023)
“Human Women”
Erato Magazine: Hunger (June 2023)
“If Coming Out Were a Fairy Tale”
The Lovers Literary Journal: Second Chances (April 2023)
“Lesbian Bed Death”
Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal: Consume (March 2023)


“Women Named Peter”
“To Be a Bride”
“Watching The Seventh Seal

Grey Coven Publishing: Fall Anthology (September 2024)
Bitter Melon Review: Pride (2024)
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Persephone Literary Magazine (July 2024)
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Beyond Queer Words (Spring 2024)
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Tension Literary: Emotional Tension (Spring 2024)
The Universe’s Poetry (March 2024)
Nine Stages of Coming Out
Tiny Wren Lit: Chapbook (February 2024)
“Threatened Animals”
Black Spot Books: Under Her Eye - Women in Horror Poetry Collection (November 2023)
“Angel of Divine Fortune”
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“In Response”
The Late Bloomers Clvb Zine: Blooming (December 2022)


“The Horror (and Triumph) of Coming Out”
Frightful: Guest Post (June 2023)